[section name=”Q: What should I bring?”]

A: It is important to have shoes that will stay on your feet – no flip flops. The footwear will get wet. Sneakers work well as do Keen type footwear. No need for big hiking boots. A change of clothes & a towel can be handy because you will get wet…


[section name=”Q: I am not really an adrenaline junky – how scary is this tour?!”]

A: We feel our tour is pretty much along the same lines of many of the other adventure-based activities in the area. If you are comfortable zip-lining or going white water rafting then you should be fine!


[section name=”Q: So are you a zip-line tour?”]

A: It’s not just a Zip-line tour! Our adventure course has a number of different adventure activities and feels very different than a zip-line tour. Whereas most zip-line tours traditionally consist of a number of consecutive cables of varying lengths, our adventure course contains SEVEN different adventures, only one of them being zip lines.


[section name=”Q: Our family is thinking about doing this tour, but not every one of us wants to actually do the various activities. Is it possible that we all go on the tour but some of us just watch?”]

A: Yes, that can be arranged. In fact the setting of the course within the rainforest is truly beautiful. We have two waterfalls that you can wade in and even stand under. You would also be able to see your family doing almost each element of the tour and join them for refreshing snacks and photo opportunities. Inquire for details.


[section name=”Q: Is there a minimum age for kids?”]

A: We recommend the tour for children ages 8 and up but can take kids that are younger. Children as young as five have done the tour, but in that case we provide an extra guide. You can inquire about this.


[section name=”Q: Are there any weight restrictions for doing the tour?”]

A: Our safety harnesses can handle up to a 44” waist size or 350 pounds.


[section name=”Q: What forms of payment do you accept?”]

For online bookings we only accept Paypal and there are no service charges. At the base camp office we accept cash and all major credit cards including AMEX. Important to note that a 3% service fee will be applied to all credit card payments made at the office.


[section name=”Q: How long is the Tour?”]

A: For the 8AM tour we should have you back in Manuel Antonio at around 1PM; for the 12:30 tour – around 5:30PM.


[section name=”Q: Can I bring my own camera or mobile device to take photos while I am on the tour?”]

A: All electronic equipment will get wet and therefore damaged. Clients are free to bring their own waterproof equipment but items must not be too large as you will need both hands to do the tour. Quepo Canyoning assumes no responsibility for any electronic equipment being damaged. Keep in mind that we will have our own photographer taking pictures during the tour. You will able to view the photos and purchase them at the end of the tour.


[section name=”Q: Will food & water be provided on the tour?”]

A: Yes. Included as part of the tour are not only snacks (including fresh fruit) and water, but also a nice meal that is served at our base location after the tour. Lunch is served after the morning tour and a light dinner after the afternoon tour. Vegetarian meals can be provided if requested in advance.


[section name=”Q: We have our own vehicle so can we drive to your office/base camp?”]

A: Yes. This is not difficult at all. See the “Contact Us” page for driving directions.


[section name=”Q: What is your cancellation policy?”]

A: Click here to view our cancellation policy.


[section name=”Q: Do you have a photographer on site who will be taking pictures of us during the tour?”]

A: Yes. A photographer is provided and photos will be available for viewing and purchase if desired at the end of the tour.



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