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Adventure Spotlight: An Adventure Tour in December 2013

We just returned from a 10 day vacation in Manuel Antonio. We did a couple of tours during our stay but this was the only one I would recommend people do. We were a family of 4 with 2 boys ages 8 and 2. Anthony was extremely accommodating. He dropped me and my 2 year old at the base of this absolutely beautiful waterfall that we could enjoy as well as watch my husband and 8 year old rappel down. We then even moved to the next waterfall to see them do the monkey drop. We were a little nervous about whether my 8 year old would be ready for this but it was just a fabulous experience. He was all smiles at the end of it. The staff were all friendly, humorous and extremely safe. What I particularly liked is the fact that they were very patient with the young kids and didn’t try to just help them through but encouraged them to try stuff on their own even if that meant that it would go a little slower. I thought this was a fantastic way to initiate young kids into some adventure activities. The staff truly seemed to enjoy what they were doing which just set a wonderful vibe to the experience. My 8 year remarked at the end of it – ‘they actually get paid to have fun. I want this job when I grow up!’ Last but note the least – the lunch that Anthony’s wife herself cooks was the best local food that we had during our stay there. What an unexpected treat! All in all – this is a business that has its heart in the right place and it shows.



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